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What makes the perfect office for you?

2D Office

A happy employee is a productive employee. We want to know what makes you happy... Choose 6 of the following:

  • Inspiring Surroundings

    Air conditioned converted barn in the Essex countryside.

    Space for bikes and plenty
    of parking right outside!

  • Feed me Fridays!

    BBQ‘s in the summer, Domino‘s pizza on the not so nice days. Om nom nom.

    (We have Breakfast Mondays now too...)

  • Drinks on tap

    Thirsty? Not a problem.

    We have
    Coke & Lemonade,
    Ribena (still) and more.

    On tap. All the time.

  • Hot drinks too!

    Everyone needs a
    nice cup of tea
    now and then.

    Or how about a lovely Nespresso Coffee?

    Not a problem - we got you covered.

  • Smashing Clients

    We work with a HUGE range of clients, from startups to online shops and multi-national corporations.

    There‘s something for everyone!

  • Conferences

    We want all our team to be up to date with the latest in web development and to learn from their peers outside 2D.

    Want to go to a conference? Sure!

  • Custom Built PC

    We build you your very own PC to love and cherish.

    Fed up using one monitor? Not a problem here!
    We give you what you need.

  • Latest Software

    We use the latest web development software to ensure you have all the tools you need to create stunning websites.

  • Time to relax...

    Plenty of holiday and we also close over Christmas & New Year so you can relax over the festive period, and not have to worry about working with a hangover!

  • Duvet Days

    One too many last night?

    Use a duvet day and have a lay in, just work later instead!

  • Be Valued

    Your opinion matters. When you speak, get heard.

    Many of our best ideas have come from our team.

  • Personalised Mug

    We believe everyone deserves their own custom made mug.

    So you get one too.

  • No nakedness here!

    Moths in your wardrobe?

    No worries - we regularly design our own work t-shirts, personal to you, 1 of a kind & on the company

  • A career, not a job

    Working with us is not a job, it‘s a career.

    We invest in you to make you the best you can be.

  • Rewards!

    We regularly go out for meals, karting, paintballing and theme parks to let off some steam.

    It‘s our way of thanking you for your hard work.

  • Nerf War!

    Having a disagreement?

    Not a problem, our vast arsenal of 15+ Nerf guns and the perfect office environment battleground always help settle things.

  • Mamma mia...

    Work better while listening to a bit of Abba?

    We won‘t judge you.

    You have a headset so we‘ll never know.

  • Chillax!

    Need to get away from your screens for a moment?

    Go and chill out on our massive bean bags and have a read, use the xbox or even have a quick nap in our games area.

  • Om nom nom

    Snacks to keep you happy, and a fully equipped kitchen should you fancy cooking a gourmet lunch.

  • Keep fit

    Want to ride a bike to work? We are part of the cycle to work scheme, enabling you to get a bike for cheap AND keep fit!

  • Get off my land!

    Your own personal workspace, with plenty of room for monitors, books and mascots to encourage your creativity and make you feel comfortable.

  • Help!

    Working on a personal project in the evenings & need a little help?

    We encourage self-learning, however we‘ll always help when you get stuck!

  • We have standards!

    We code to the latest web standards, so you won‘t be made to build anything badly, because where‘s the fun in that!

  • In-house systems

    We use our custom developed platforms.

    Think we need a new feature? Add it! You have the freedom to improve on everything we do.

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Show us your skills!

Rate your skill proficiency out of ‘no idea‘ to ‘the master that shall be worshipped‘. Don‘t be shy!

No idea... I am a master!I'm good, but not amazing
Step 4

What's your super-awesome skill?

Maybe you once recreated the set of Cheers out of matchsticks and hair-gel, or you can eat 4 donuts in under 30 seconds, or even create magic using nothing but CSS3. Whoever you are, you can do something that makes you unique. Tell us what it is!

Step 5

The last little bit...

Are you applying for a position, or here speculatively? Let us know!

Additional Comments - thoughts, suggestions, or even a bit more about yourself!

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We're not able to reply directly to everyone, but rest assured we will carefully review all applications. It may be a couple of months before you hear from us if you've been successful (or it might be a few days) - it depends on how soon we plan to conduct interviews - so please be patient!